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Suffering for the Glory of God

Suffering can be a puzzling part of our lives, can’t it? For every one of us, it is part and parcel of the human experience, but it also happens to be surprising to us most every time we it comes. No matter how often we face pain, loss or difficulty whether in our lives or in the lives of those we love, it always seems to arrive unexpected, unwelcomed or unplanned. The Bible shows us a different way. It shows us that not only should we prepare to suffer, we should also learn to welcome it in a relationship of faith and hope with our Sovereign God. This 6 week study will help lay a biblical framework for suffering, and then apply that framework to our daily lives. We want to answer and apply the following questions from a biblical per- spective when we suffer: How does this suffering challenge my view of who God is? What am I tempted to trust in other than God? How can I fight for faith? How can conduct myself so that God is glorified in my life through this difficult time?