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Gospel Growth Studies are for you. Whether young or old, stay-at-home mom or corporate executive, single or married, man or woman—studies are for your growth in the gospel. Studies give you a place to learn the Bible in a practical way and grow with others so you can become more like Jesus and be better equipped for the mission.

Current Studies

Sunday Gospel Growth

Money, Possessions & Eternity for the Glory of God

Sundays AT 10:30AM


There may be no other topic that contributes more to our anxiety, sleepless nights and worry than the way in which we think about money and possessions. But what does the Bible say about this important topic and how can we think and act rightly as we live in a culture that is consumed by the pursuit of both money and possessions? In our upcoming Gospel Growth series, we'll investigate how money and possessions should be viewed in light of eternity and ultimately how we can bring God glory as we manage both of these resources for Him! During our eight-week study, we'll start with a theology of money and possessions and then get into other important aspects such as faithfulness, dealing with idols, handling debt/savings/investments as well as practical stewardship. This series is designed to help every believer, no matter what stage of life you are in, to better manage God's resources as entrusted to us. Join us as we walk through what the Word of God says about this important topic!

Servant Leadership

Sundays at 10:30am


When Jesus talks about leadership, his message is countercultural. According to our Lord, the greatest leader is a servant to all. It’s not about stepping on people to get ahead, but rather serving people in a way that pleases God. In our upcoming Gospel Growth class on leadership we’ll look at a variety of themes including: balance in leadership, how to lead by serving, a leader’s character, the humility of a true leader, limits of leadership, and more. Join us for an 8-week study taught by Gospel Grace’s deacon team on “Servant Leadership.”

KIDS: The Gospel Project

Sundays AT 10:30 am


The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.