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The Gospel of Grace

What is the gospel of grace?

In the beginning, there was light and life and love. God the father loving God the Son in the joy of the Holy Spirit. And everything has come from light and life and love.

But, we look today at the world and we see it's not like that: We see a world full of darkness and death and disconnection
Where does that come from? 
Well, we've turned from the light, and when you turn from light, where else do you go but darkness? When you turn from love, where else do you go but disconnection? When you turn from life, where else do you go but death? 
What does God's love do? 
What does God do when He sees the ones He loves in trouble? He says, "Your pit will be my pit. Your debts will be my debts. Your darkness will be my darkness. Your death will be my death."
So, who then is Jesus? 
He's the Son of the Father-God the Son-who came as our brother to be with us in the darkness. To take that darkness on Himself, that death, that disconnection that we all deserve for turning from God--He took it on Himself on the cross. He plunged it down to the hell that it deserves. And then he rose up again to light and life and love
And He says, "You in the darkness, do you want my light?" 
"You in death, do you want my life?" 
"You in disconnection, do you want my love?" 
And anyone who turns from going their own way to trust in Jesus now belongs to him. 
They get His Father as their Father. 
They get His Spirit as their Spirit. 
They get His future as their future. 
It's for free, and it's forever
So, will you turn to Jesus?