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Joy Full - Fellowship in the Gospel

Philippians is a book that focuses on the gospel. Paul repeats the word “gospel” over and over again, using it six times in the first chapter alone. While imprisoned in Rome, Paul was reflecting upon the ministry that had taken place in the city of Philippi. It was an urban context where the gospel was proclaimed, it took root, and bore precious fruit in the years that followed. It all started on the riverbank where a prayer meeting was being held, and from there, the gospel continued to spread. The good news, the message of hope and life even made it down to the city’s innermost prison. The Gospel was powerfully changing people and a church was ultimately established. You can almost picture Paul sitting in his Roman imprisonment reflecting on the amazing work of God. God had done some really incredible things in Philippi, and he can do the same today right here in Salt Lake City through the power of the gospel. May he encourage our hearts with his great work of grace today.