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Christian Marriage

Cars these days have internal sensors that let you know when things need attention. Usually on the dashboard a little wrench will appear, or a triangle with an exclamation point will light up in front of you. These warning signs are indicators that something needs to be checked under the hood. Like our cars, our marriages often have warning lights too. Maybe you are having more disagreements, perhaps you feel distant or lonely, maybe you’re questioning your compatibility, or having trouble resolving conflicts. There are little things that indicate our relationships might need some care or attention. Instead of just pressing forward with another year of “functional dysfunction” we need to look under the hood. We need to look all the way down to our hearts. God doesn’t intend for believers to just get by, he wants us to image Christ’s love for the church and enjoy all he intends for holy matrimony. If you want to learn more about God’s design for marriage or perhaps your relationship needs a tune up, join us for this 9-week series called, Christian Marriage starting January 16th.