The Glory of God in Community

June 30, 2013

Passage: Acts 2:1-47 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Community

Length: 56 mins 58 secs Plays: 3047

For our preaching time today, we will continue our series on the community life that Christians share around Jesus. The glory of God changes everything. We know that on a grand scale. Revivals, amazing messages, and miraculous life change grab our attention. But, none of us live in those types of experiences. We all live in the normal. And, this morning, we are going to see from the early church that the glory of God doesn’t just affect the once in a lifetime, it also affects the everyday--which is actually good news! Because in our excitement and draw to the big experiences, a subtle disconnect can creep into our church life together. If we don’t run back to the truth we will see this morning, we can think that the holy and spiritual times of growth only happen in explosive experiences. We can examine services and bible studies and devotional times based on the experience we get out of them and assume that the bigger or better the experience, the more we grow. And that is a problem. Living from spiritual experience to spiritual experience will hurt us, because that’s not normal life. What we are going to see this morning is that God actually uses the explosive experiences with His glory to totally affect the normal patterns of our lives together. This morning, the first church is going to show us that healthy community is “normal” life totally affected by the glory of God. And that is something we all need.

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