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The Faith of Abraham

May 26, 2013

Passage: Genesis 12:1-9 & Hebrews 11:8-18 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Beginning - Genesis 1-12

Length: 1 hr 8 mins 43 secs Plays: 3004

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Today, we continue our study in the book of Genesis. In chapter 11, we see the unified population of humanity bound together in defiance against God.  He had commissioned them to disperse and fill the earth.  He had commanded them to scatter and display his image throughout creation.  Yet in their pride and arrogance, they disregarded God’s will and decided to build a city that would exalt their name.  They settled and clumped together at Babel and attempted to build a tower that would elevate them to the heavens.  The people of earth were set on building a nation and a name for themselves. But that is not why man was created.  In Isaiah 43:7, God says, “Whom I have created for my glory.” You see, man was created to exalt God’s name.  He was given the breath of life so that he could declare God’s greatness.  So the Lord came down and confused the languages of man.  He caused them to scatter across the face of the earth and abandon their idolatrous project at Babel.  Out of the dispersed people God decided to make a nation for himself.  He would consecrate a people who would declare his name to the world. In Genesis chapter 12, we are introduced to a man named Abram.  He would be called by God, and through obedient faith he would become the father of a new nation – a nation known to this day as Israel.  They would be a lighthouse to the world.  They would be the people from whom the Messiah would come.