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The Blessing of Forgiveness

August 04, 2019

Passage: Psalm 32 Speaker: Pastor Will Galkin Series: Summer in the Psalms

Length: Plays: 364

Speaker: Will Galkin - We live in a culture that is dominated by guilt. People are scared of not measuring up to those that are around them. We are enslaved to a culture of comparison; continually checking our social media updates see if some friend has outpaced us. Our individualistic society superimposes unrealistic expectations of others. Then we pass judgment on those that break our invented code of conduct. We are so focused on those not meeting our expectation of others that we forget to examine if we are meeting those same expectations. Think about it. We judge the judgmental. We are angry at those who are angry, and we hate the haters. We are just as guilty as those around us. King David understands the pain and toil of guilt. Out of that knowledge, he wrote Psalm 32 to express the Blessing of Forgiveness. Throughout the Bible, we read of David’s joyful relationship with God. Sadly, somewhere in his kingship, he drifted into sin. He allowed his desires to enslave him. This Psalm has connections to David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba that included his murder of her husband. David experienced the crushing guilt that comes with trying to hide your sin from God. But he also experienced the underserved joy and Blessing of the Forgiveness of God.