Substitutionary Atonement

April 07, 2013

Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:21 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Gospel Defined

Length: 23 mins 20 secs Plays: 6251

Speaker: Jon Kopp - Essential to the message of the cross is the teaching of Substitutionary Atonement. In essence, it is the voluntary work of God in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection accomplished in our place to secure our pardon and salvation. God must and will punish all wrong-doing, and the captivating truth of the gospel is that Jesus died for our wrong-doing — a shameful death, bearing our curse, enduring our pain, suffering the wrath of his own Father in our place. So, the answer to the questions “How can God love sinners without destroying justice?” and “How can the unrighteous be found righteous?” are found right here. Every other aspect of the gospel hinges on this point.

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