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Stealing Isn't Free - Commandment #8

August 24, 2014

Passage: Exodus 20:15 Speaker: Sam Horn Series: Ten Commandments

Length: 50 mins 11 secs Plays: 2866

Speaker: Sam Horn - The law-code given by God to Moses is the most familiar, most enduring, and most impacting of any set of code of laws every set forth in any civilization; ancient or modern! These ten ancient “words” have endured from the day God gave them to Moses until now. They are familiar to virtually every human being living on the planet today. We have been talking about these ten words for several weeks, and we now come to the eighth of these words in the hopes of understanding what God had in mind for His people then, and for us now so we may live in ways that reflect the power and intent of the gospel accurately and attractively to a world that has embraced stealing as a primary means of sustaining, preserving, and enhancing their personal life.