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Singleness and Relationships with the Church Community

July 28, 2019

Passage: Genesis 1:28 & 1 Timothy 1:2 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Singleness

Length: 37 mins 2 secs Plays: 280

Speaker: Jon Kopp - To be a Christian is to engage with every group in a familial way. (families, children, seniors) If you have absolutely no interest in trying to engage these groups, and you really prefer to just hang out with your single friends, then you may not truly understand what Christianity is. But, if you are beginning to understand the dynamics of this new faith family that is created around the blood of Jesus, then lean into these = relationships the way God has made you and saved you to. Look for opportunities to relate well to other singles (both of the same and opposite genders) and how to relate well to the rest of the church. And may God use the gift He has given to you to bless many and satisfy you in His service.