Rescue Operation

May 07, 2017

Passage: James 5:19-20 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Faith that Works

Length: 49 mins 19 secs Plays: 2301

Speaker: Lukus Counterman -James began his letter saying he was \"a servant of God.\" Now he adds the complementary calling: he is a servant of sinners. He has written forthrightly, insistently and passionately about what is sinful and what is righteous. In fact, someone has called James's letter \"the Ouch! book\" because it is so pointed. James makes no apology for that. But why such a passion for righteousness? Because truth is available and must be embraced and lived out. And when it is not, we have a responsibility to be part of a rescue team. When someone wanders from the truth, we have an obligation to seek their recovery and restoration. May the Lord help us with this at Gospel Grace Church.

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