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April 21, 2013

Passage: Romans 3:25 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Gospel Defined

Length: 25 mins 50 secs Plays: 4011

Speaker: Jon Kopp - God’s wrath toward sin and the sinner is a concept that we would often rather ignore than think through its consequences. Most would rather talk only about love and grace, but, God’s wrath and justice are as real as His love and grace. In fact, the biggest problem that every human faces is that the wrath of an all-powerful, holy God is against them because of their sin. Our choice to disobey God earns us the just wrath of God! But, the gospel says that God poured His wrath somewhere else, and that is called propitiation. Propitiation is a sacrifice that bears God’s wrath completely so that it isn’t just removed, it is also replaced with love and favor.