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Progress & Protection Through the Word

August 21, 2022

Passage: Acts 20:32 Speaker: Dr. Dave Doran Series: Standalone Messages

Length: 30 mins 25 secs Plays: 260

Speaker: Dr. Dave Doran - The Great Commission means making disciples, not just decisions, so the Apostle Paul was very concerned to see those who professed faith in Jesus Christ continue to follow Him faithfully. Acts 20 records a brief visit by Paul with the pastors from Ephesus that opens a window into not only Paul’s heart for these believers, but also his confidence in God. That same confidence should control the life of any local assembly and shape the perspectives of believers about what is central to the church. God has blessed Gospel Grace Church with an incredible 10 years of fruitful ministry. By God’s grace, this text can help shape the days ahead for His glory!