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Jesus Saves a Sinner

April 10, 2020

Passage: Luke 23:39-43 Speaker: Pastor Will Galkin Series: Easter at Gospel Grace

Length: 19 mins 41 secs Plays: 571

Speaker: Will Galkin - Two thieves are examples of two different responses to Jesus. One of the criminals responds with rejection and mocking, like the other mockers watching Jesus die (v. 39). The other criminal’s response provides a beautiful image of the gospel’s call. This man’s interaction with Jesus is marked by the humility that comes from seeing his own sinfulness and Jesus’ purity. This criminal’s repentance and his looking in faith to Jesus grant him entrance into God’s kingdom (vv. 40–42). The result is Jesus’ staggering and beautiful promise that the repentant man would be in paradise in the presence of the Lord that very day (v. 43). No moral resume is required to be finally accepted into heaven. All that is required is open acknowledgment of sin and trusting faith in Christ. (Gospel Transformation Study Bible)