Death and Life

January 20, 2019

Passage: Romans 6:1-5 Speaker: Pastor Jotham Manoranjan Series: Standalone Messages

Length: 45 mins 59 secs Plays: 646

Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - In our passage this week Paul raises a rhetorical objection to the Gospel of Grace. If salvation is by grace along apart from any works of man, does that mean that a Christian can live a life that pursues sin? Paul does not address any opponents specifically, nonetheless, the question arises because Christians (or perhaps Jews) had often raised this objection to Paul’s gospel in the course of his ministry. Is license the logical outflow of the grace that Paul proclaims? The passage presents Paul’s response to this question. Paul remarkably uses the imagery of baptism to drive home the reality of salvation and the Christian life. Paul does not give way to license of legalism, but points to the greater truth of Christ redemptive work.

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