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A Time for Everything

November 24, 2013

Passage: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Life Under The Sun

Length: 49 mins 3 secs Plays: 4095

Speaker: Jon Kopp - Ever since the Byrds grabbed Ecclesiastes 3 and turned it into a folk rock song in 1962, people have seen this list of occurrences simply as events that happen to people in their lifetime--events that can be turn, turn, turned however we need them to so that hopefully, there is still time for peace. That's the last line of commentary they added to Solomon's poem. “A time for peace--I swear it's not too late.” But, God’s word shows us something very different. God's word shows us that occurrences never just happen. Nothing is random. Every event of our lives comes from the infinitely wise and controlling hand of God! He brings it all. And like it or not, our lives will be a mixture of whatever easy times and hard times He chooses to send our way. There will be a mixture of mourning and laughing, of tearing down and building up, but we don’t decide which will come or when. \"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.\" But, we don’t always like that, do we? We want life our way. We'd rather be in control, or if we can't be in control, at least give us answers. But oft times, we don't get answers. God doesn't promise that life will make sense, but He does promise that He is at work to make all things beautiful in His time. May God give us grace this morning to trust Him and enjoy His beautiful plan in every mystery of our lives.