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True Worship

I have been looking forward to this series for several months now. As many of you know, back in October our family was blessed to take a sabbatical. The Lord used the generous gift of the church to allow us to spend extended time of rest and renewal together as a family. One of the blessings that came from that season of reflection was an opportunity to do some focused reading on the topic of worship. This topic is one that I naturally think about on a regular basis because of the experience of planning and leading church gatherings week in and week out, however, some of my burdens regarding the health of my own understanding and practice of worship, and the shaping influence that broader Christian culture has on our understanding were met with stabilizing truths from Scripture.  When we returned from our sabbatical, I remember sitting down the pastors and sharing some of the gleanings from my study. They encouraged me to package up some of what God was teaching me and share it with the church. The pastors have graciously allowed me to take these 5 weeks and do some teaching on this important topic and I’m praying that the Lord would use it.