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Wisdom in the Fear of the Lord

June 05, 2016

Passage: Proverbs 1:1-7 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Proverbs

Length: 49 mins 3 secs Plays: 3512

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Wisdom is the word (hokmah) in Hebrew, and means “skill” or “expertise.” In Proverbs, it is the skill or expertise of living. Proverbs picks up the details of life that are too small to be caught in the mesh of the law and too fine to be hit with the broadside of the prophet. Proverbs talks about things like the type of person you want to live with or employ. It speaks to things like managing your affairs, your time, and even yourself. It addresses people like that neighbor woman who talks too much, or that cheerful soul who is unbearable in the early morning. It deals with the friend who is always dropping in, or the child who wanders about aimlessly. But don’t mistake Proverbs for a portrait album of different types of people, or a simple a book of manners or moralisms. The book of Proverbs holds all of life up to an overarching question “Is this wisdom or folly?” The wisdom taught here is God-centered because even the most down-to- earth elements talk about handling life in God’s world in submission to God’s will. (Prov. 22:19) “I have made them known to you today… that your trust may be in the LORD.”