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What is Man that God is Mindful of Him?

September 06, 2015

Passage: Psalm 8 Speaker: Sam Horn Series: Summer in the Psalms 2015

Length: Plays: 1811

Speaker: Sam Horn - Psalm 8 is one of the hidden gems of the Hebrew Psalter. In this Psalm, David reflects on one of the most profound questions ever asked of God – “Why is man so important to You?” This psalm presents the amazing reality that we are always on God’s mind and always in his heart! Created in His image, situated at the apex of all of creation, and crowned with God’s own glory and honor – man stands at the pinnacle of all of God’s creative work. Yet in one drastic, willful act of sin all of this was ruined and now all men fall short of God’s glory. Behind this tragic fall stands an ancient enemy bent of rebelling against God, thwarting His purposes, and destroying His creation. But God has an answer – and he delivers that answer through the mouth of infants who by the strength of this answer defeat this ancient enemy both now and forever.