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The Urgency of Love

November 04, 2012

Passage: Romans 13:11-14 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: A Community of Sacrificial Saints

Length: 53 mins 7 secs Plays: 3378

Paul calls God’s people to action, because the day when Jesus will come back is nearer than it ever has been. Sadly, though we give verbal assent to the return of Jesus at any time, we live more like that imminence is part of a very distant future. “Wake up!” Paul says. Jesus is coming back, and His followers must live and love like it. Today, listen to God’s word. Let it adjust how you live your life! Believe that Christ’s return is near. Perhaps the questions that Pastor Lukus has given us would serve you in that by helping you attach the truths of the gospel to your life.