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The Call of Discipleship

March 26, 2023

Passage: Luke 9:21-27 Speaker: Pastor Jotham Manoranjan Series: Luke - Past Promises, Present Redemption

Length: 56 mins 40 secs Plays: 300

Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Following Peter's confession that Jesus is the ``Christ of God" Jesus starts by commanding the disciples to keep that information quiet. Christ then begins to share with the disciples his purpose and the path that he must take. We encounter in this passage the greatest display of God's love for us, and with that we find, in Christ's own words, what it means to follow him. Jesus calls his disciples to lose their lives and say no to themselves. He asks them not only to deny their own desires but to also bear the burden of a cross. Yet this sacrifice brings with it an even greater reward: those who accept His call will receive everlasting life.