The Good News of a Redeemer

August 30, 2020

Passage: Isaiah 59:1-21 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Open House

Length: 44 mins 7 secs Plays: 244

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Since the Fall in the garden of Eden, sin has corrupted and destroyed everything intended for good. Iniquity has polluted and degraded everything designed for harmony and happiness. Evil has sadly turned every Bedford Falls into Pottersville where unrighteousness and injustice seem to rule the day.[1] People are left hoping for light but groping in darkness, seeking the path of life, but walking in gloomy fog. Some brazenly embrace wickedness and plunge headlong into transgression. Others cloak themselves in religious hypocrisy and wonder why God seems distant and silent. Either way, humanity is spiritually dead and alienated from God in trespasses and sins. So, is there any hope for the lot of us? Is there any light for the way ahead? In Isaiah 59, the prophet of God calls sinners to repentance. He doesn’t let them remain in ignorance. He doesn’t buy their excuses. And he won’t allow them to blame others. He confronts them and calls them to honest confession because he knows that God will turn toward a contrite and lowly heart. He will hear the prayer of the humble and redeem all who turn from transgression. That is the good news of the gospel! And may the Lord deliver and encourage us as we embrace it afresh today.

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