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Serve on Teams: A Heart Transformed by the Gospel

May 12, 2024

Passage: 1 Peter 4:7-11 Speaker: Pastor Josh MacAvoy Series: Rhythms

Length: 46 mins 31 secs Plays: 80

Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - We are back in our 5 part series on the Rhythms of Gospel Grace Church. These are the ordinary, but essential practices that we as a church devote ourselves to, on the path of following Jesus. Some might call it a discipleship pathway or steps to growing in grace. We call them our rhythms. Our hope is that as we work through these practices this year they will help you locate where you are in your journey of faith and discover what next steps God has for you as you seek to grow in Him. We have worked through “Gather in Worship, Grow in Community, Learn in Studies” and tomorrow we will look at “Serve on Teams.”