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Our Giving Matters

March 30, 2014

Passage: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Speaker: Nic Higgins Series: Standalone Messages

Length: 1 hr 1 mins 6 secs Plays: 2493

Speaker: Nic Higgins - Having started out a plan with great zeal and eagerness to provide a generous gift for the struggling, needy believers in Jerusalem, the Corinthian church found itself stammering to the finish line in its endeavor. A year has passed since they began their collection, and now Paul is issuing encouragement to those who might find it easier to hold on to their possessions rather than freely give them away to those in need. Perhaps it had been a difficult year for the Corinthian believers. Persecution abounded, trust may have been deteriorating because of false apostles, or maybe worldly wealth was becoming more important as their abundance was before their eyes. You can almost hear the people saying, “Why do we have to give of our resources? What is so important about me giving away what I have?” Can you hear the very same questions being asked today? Are the very same reasons for wanting to cling to our own possessions being touted as reasonable excuses not to give? Paul takes up this issue with the Corinthian believers in a passage that addresses the question of “Why should I give?” And on a topic that contains thoughts of losing, emptying, and dispensing, the Bible comes back and says that for those who give, they will be richly supplied, overflowing, and abounding in God’s grace. Let’s take a deeper look together this morning at what this means.