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Our Framework

August 31, 2014

Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Community Life

Length: 24 mins 11 secs Plays: 2523

Speaker: Jon Kopp - We were made for a close fellowship with one another that only the gospel can restore in us. At GGC, we want to have a framework in place where that kind of gospel-centered, grace-saturated fellowship can be learned and exercised. Although that kind of closeness ought to be occurring every time we gather as a church, it is unlikely in our day for us to naturally give ourselves to it without intentional training and practice. Our goal in community groups is to provide opportunities for us to instruct each other in the Word, care for one another in love, proclaim the Gospel to the world, and disciple one another in the best use of our ministry gifts. Our hope is that as we learn to live in and enjoy the kind of community God made us to have, it will become a part of everything we do as a church.