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Money & Mercy

July 02, 2023

Passage: Luke 16:1-3 Speaker: Pastor Josh MacAvoy Series: Luke - Past Promises, Present Redemption

Length: 53 mins 27 secs Plays: 221

Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - Tomorrow’s text is Luke 16:1-13, where we find a most unusual parable. Here we learn of an unjust and unethical middle-manager, misappropriating the owner’s money and losing his job in the process. We hear how this recently fired man leverages his former position and his master’s mercy for personal gain. Then, in an unexpected twist, the owner commends him in the end. Jesus follows this parable with a poem designed to teach us how to live life. This passage, though potentially confusing, conveys valuable lessons on the still-current struggle against possessions being a person’s ultimate priority. While some people, and commentators, have struggled with this section from Luke, we will see that the provocative nature of this story is intended to get our attention, cause us to consider our own lives and ask, “What really matters most?”