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May 05, 2013

Passage: Romans 3:20-28 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Gospel Defined

Length: 23 mins 38 secs Plays: 3463

Speaker: Jon Kopp - Do you remember the feelings you had as a child when you had been caught doing something wrong? Maybe you had to wait in a chair or sit on your bed. What went through your mind while you were waiting for your impending trial with your parents? If you were anything like me, you worked up your case. When your parents came in, you wanted to justify yourself. To justify is often used when we try to show that we aren’t guilty. We don’t want to face a penalty for our actions, so we justify ourselves. God’s word says that we are all guilty before God’s law, and in and of ourselves we can do nothing to change that. But, the gospel defined shows us an amazing truth from God. He offers justification for the guilty. But, what does that mean?