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Jesus the Creator and Cleanser

July 23, 2017

Passage: John 2:1-11 Speaker: Danny Brooks Series: John - That You May Believe

Length: 48 mins 10 secs Plays: 1538

Speaker: Danny Brooks - Do you ever wonder how God feels about you? Is He personally concerned with the things that concern you? Is He aware of the social pressures, the day-to-day struggles of our lives, and the internal battles we wage with our imperfections and failings? The Apostle John has set down an eyewitness account of the life and ministry of Jesus in order that we might have answers to questions like these. John 2 takes us into a wedding celebration where a cultural crisis is unfolding and also a deeper spiritual crisis is lingering. Jesus addresses both for the purpose that we might believe the truth concerning who He is and that believing we might have a totally different kind of life than what we have known. The wedding celebration at Cana is a little foretaste of the eternal celebration Jesus is preparing for His people. But participation in the eternal celebration is found only through faith in God the Son. Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?