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Introduction to Names of God

June 09, 2013

Passage: Psalm 124:8 Speaker: Nic Higgins Series: The Names of God

Length: 17 mins 55 secs Plays: 2504

Speaker: Nic Higgins - We often choose names today based on how they sound, originality, or maybe to keep with family tradition. Names today are not chosen or viewed with the same significance as they were during the days of the Old Testament. Remember names like Noah (rest), Shem (name), Abraham (father of many nations). Even in the New Testament we see examples of the importance of names, like when Jesus changes Simon’s name to Peter. So as we begin to discover a few of the names that are given in Scripture of God, we do so in a way that will intimately intersect with our lives. You see, when God revealed His name to His people, He didn’t do so at an arms-length and with basic academia. God’s names are revealed through narrative. And so it will be with you, if you allow the Lord to reveal Himself to you.