Good News for the Weak

November 15, 2015

Passage: Romans 8:26-27 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Supernatural Living for Natural People

Length: 56 mins 58 secs Plays: 3398

Speaker: Jon Kopp - \"Christians are not always on top of things. No where in the Bible are we taught to expect unruffled composure and unbroken victory. Sometimes life is so troubling, we feel defeated even in in prayer. And if we cannot pray, we are really in trouble. At the very moment when we most need to draw upon God’s promises through prayer, what if we fail at that vital point of connection? Will our weakness bungle the purpose of God? Under normal conditions we tell ourselves that, when all else fails, we can fall back on prayer. But what if we do come to the end of ourselves only to discover that we do not even know what to pray and God seems far away? What then? What encouragement can we look to beyond our own weakness?” (Ray Ortlund) This morning we look to Romans 8, and in it we find good news for the weak.

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