Good days. Bad days.

February 09, 2014

Passage: Ecclesiastes 6:1-7:14 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Life Under The Sun

Length: 56 mins 6 secs Plays: 2837

Speaker: Jon Kopp - This morning, we are continuing our series through Ecclesiastes: Life under the Sun. Solomon is going to surface two themes for us today. The good times and the bad times of our lives. Prosperity and pain. But, those things aren’t always as they seem, are they? Good times can be bad, and bad times can be good. Stick with Solomon here. Because, you’ve seen it too. Isn’t it that the best times of our lives with God come out of the most painful times? And more often than not, our lowest times with God come in our most comfortable times. God doles both times into our lives, and He wants us to please Him in both. So, here is the question that Solomon is going to answer today. If good times can be bad and bad times can be good, how can we live a life that pleases God? How can we live a life pleasing to God in our unpredictable world? Solomon is going to show us that pleasing God in this life requires something that we don’t have. Something that we are missing. And, the answer isn’t found in less pain or more prosperity. More good. Less bad. In fat, we don’t need different circumstances at all. We need something to help us navigate what we are already facing. Ultimately, what we need is something that only God can give us. His wisdom. May God show us His wisdom today.

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