Faith That Escapes & Endures Suffering

September 02, 2018

Passage: Hebrews 11:32-40 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Faith Lives

Length: 56 mins 31 secs Plays: 1052

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Ambrose, Bishop of Milan wrote to the church of Vercellae in the 4th century AD and referred to Hebrews 11 regarding faith that escapes and endures suffering. He said, \"They were found most strong when thought to be most weak, and they did not shrink from the mocking's of men because they looked for heavenly rewards; they, on whom the beauty of eternal light was shining, did not dread the darkness of dungeon. Fed to the full by fasting, they did not seek to be diverted by pleasure; refreshed by the hope of eternal grace, the burning heat of summer did not parch them, nor did the cold of icy regions break their spirit; for the warm breath of devotion invigorated them; they did not fear the bonds of men, for Jesus had set them free; they did not desire to be rescued from death for they looked forward to being raised to life by Christ.\" May we look to Jesus and live our such faith in our day.

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