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Ethics: Cast Studies for the Modern Workplace

June 16, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Christians in the Workplace

Length: Plays: 126

Speaker: Jon Kopp - *Audio record unavailable. Ethical dilemmas in the workplace are as old as the Bible. Can any of you think of any? Ethical dilemmas between employers and employees or subordinates in the Bible. Think of Joseph responding to the advances of his boss’s wife. Or, Moses dealing with insubordination. Daniel trying to figure out what to do with unjust employment law. And, we still face these kinds of issues today. So, that’s our topic today. And unlike most of our classes, where we do 90% of the talking, today’s class is going to be much more interactive. We will start with some introductory material and some guidelines for thinking through ethics in the workplace, then we’ll spend the remainder of our time walking through a few case studies together.

Topics: work ethics