Creation Sings

June 14, 2015

Passage: Psalm 19:1-14 Speaker: Pastor Will Galkin Series: Summer in the Psalms 2015

Length: 39 mins 23 secs Plays: 2625

Speaker: Will Galkin - Stop looking down at your screen. Pull your thumbs off your device. Take a breath and look at the sky. Position yourself in such a way to look at the Wasatch. Can you see any snow? Notice how it is still green from all the extra moisture this spring. Are you thankful for the blueness of the sky? Keep watching it until the sun sets. Wow! Look at the way the orange and the red ricochet between the clouds. Check out the deep purple flowing from the mountains. God has made himself known to man through His creation and the supernatural revelation of the Scriptures. Yet, many times we fail to notice the glory of God all around us. God's people are to respond in humbleness to the vast revelation of God. Therefore, you should consider the following from Psalm 19: 1) The glory of God as revealed in creation. 2) The value and benefits of God’s revelation in the Word. 3) Your response to the Revelation of God.

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