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Call Upon the Name of the Lord

February 17, 2013

Passage: Genesis 4:17-26 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Beginning - Genesis 1-12

Length: 50 mins 8 secs Plays: 3302

Pastor Lukus Counterman - What became of the person who rebelled against God and left the land of blessing? What became of cursed Cain when he wandered East of Eden in angry defiance of the laws and sacrifices of God?  He prospered.  His line took the lead in producing cities, music, weapons, and agricultural implements. But would that prosperity satisfy the soul or was it simply an attempt to balm the bitterness of separation from God? In today's text we'll find that Cain defies the curse and builds a city.  The condemned wanderer settles down to construct a new civilization.  But this godless society has disregard for the institution of marriage, and disdains the value of life. Cain's line may have achieved a form of prosperity, but it was empty prosperity apart from God.  In contrast to Cain's line, our text unfolds the line of Seth.  Although we hear nothing of their cities or music, the resounding feature of this line is that they, \"began to call upon the name of the Lord\" (Gen. 4:26).  The story raises a key question, \"What will you be known for?\"  Will people remember your achievements and cultural contributions, or will they remember your worship of the true and living God?  in our affluent and self-indulgent society, we must be people who \"call upon the name of the Lord.\"