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Faithful & Fruitful Endurance

2 Timothy 3:10-17 - Pastor Lukus Counterman
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - This letter of 2Timothy is Paul’s final epistle. Church historians suggest that he was in the Mamertine Prison in Rome when he wrote this. We know that Paul was nearing his death from what he says in (4:6), “the time of my departure has come.” So as the church moved from the apostolic to the post-apostolic era, Paul was burdened that Timothy would carry on the faith, the good deposit entrusted to him. But the situation in Ephesus was anything but ideal. The church was unhealthy and evil and error abounded. So, in 2 Timothy 3, Paul calls out wicked people in no uncertain terms. Then he assures Timothy that they wouldn’t get very far and that their folly would eventually be exposed. Finally, he turns to Timothy and basically says, “In spite of all the false teaching, moral decline, empty religion, and corruption – you need to stand in stark contrast. Don’t give in to the pervasive atmosphere of wickedness. Don’t conform to the pressure of evil and error. You can make it in these dark and difficult days by following your godly teachers and embracing the inspired scriptures. Paul’s word to Timothy is precisely what we need to hear today. May the Lord help us walk in the footprints of faith laid before us, and may we turn to his Word every day for guidance and protection.