Wisdom for Sex

November 13, 2022

Passage: Proverbs 5 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Proverbs

Length: 47 mins 20 secs Plays: 236

Speaker: Jon Kopp - The book of Proverbs shows us the way of wisdom. And as we’ve seen so far in our study of this book, that wisdom is connected very closely to our day to day reality. Wisdom speaks directly to the cares and questions of everyday life. Many think of religion as a compartmentalized pursuit where men and women have a church life and a normal life with the two seldom mixing. But, the Book of Proverbs confronts that head on. One commentator says that the book of Proverbs “is a book which seldom takes you to church. Like its own figure of Wisdom, it calls across to you in the street about some everyday matter, or points things out at home. Its function in Scripture is to put godliness into working clothes.” Our Monday through Saturday concerns and questions matter to God, and Solomon brings them up as he shows us the path of wisdom. In today’s text, the path of wisdom leads through our sexuality and sexual desire. In today’s text, Solomon is going to show us that wisdom looks like embracing and finding joy in God’s good gift of sexual desire.

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