Wisdom for Hope

September 18, 2022

Passage: Proverbs 13:12 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Proverbs

Length: 44 mins 16 secs Plays: 274

Speaker: Jon Kopp - On first glance, Solomon’s words in this proverb seem quite trite. Is he simply saying that when we get what we want, we are happy, but when we don’t, we aren’t? I don’t think so. Hidden behind the seeming simplicity of these few words is a profound truth about hope itself and the Bible’s teaching on it. One theologian said, “You’ve heard of the milk of the word and the meat of the word. Well, Proverbs is the hard candy of the Word. You can’t gulp it down like milk and you can’t just chew and swallow it like meat, you have to ponder it, roll it around for a while until the sweetness oozes out.” (Ed Clowney) That is abundantly true as we approach this proverb. Because with these 2 simple lines, Solomon goes right to the core of who we are to reveal to us our only true source of hope. This proverb is going to help us wisely handle our hope.

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