There's Been a Break-In

December 12, 2021

Passage: Luke 3:1-6 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Advent

Length: 54 mins 10 secs Plays: 150

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - These days when a baby is on the way, a young couple will send out advance notice. Maybe there’s a gender reveal video on social media, or perhaps there is an announcement that’s shared at a family gathering. The arrival of a child is a big event, and it needs some forewarning. Now this season of Advent is all about the coming or arrival of Christ, and it too needed some forewarning. In God’s plan he had a forerunner who would prepare the way for the arrival of Jesus. This herald of glad tidings would call upon people to prepare their hearts for the coming King. In Luke 3 we learn about this advance man named John the Baptist. As we hear his message, may the Lord prepare our hearts for Christ this Christmas.

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