The Significance of Celebrations

May 16, 2021

Passage: Deuteronomy 16:1-17 Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Relationship & Responsibility - Deuteronomy

Length: 52 mins 49 secs Plays: 139

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - After the Israelites settled in the promised land of Canaan, they were supposed to gather three times a year at the sanctuary of the Lord. These pilgrimage feasts known as Passover, the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of Booths were instituted to help God’s people remember where they came from, rejoice in God’s work of forming a nation, and respond to his gracious provision. Memorial feasts were a significant part of the Jewish calendar because their original intent was to point people back to God’s great work. Today the church community doesn’t celebrate all of the same festivals but the theological purpose behind them should still cause us to remember, rejoice in, and respond to God’s work. May our hearts be pointed back to Lord.

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