The Christian Life

July 05, 2020

Passage: Philippians 2:12-18 Speaker: Pastor Jotham Manoranjan Series: Joy Full - Fellowship in the Gospel

Length: 31 mins 37 secs Plays: 361

Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Our passage today, follows the great Hymn of Christ in Philippians 2, and brings out the practical implications for the Philippian believers. Paul calls believers to steadfastness and holy living, by stressing obedience to God and humility toward all believers. In a very pastoral text, Paul brings out the two fold drivers of the Christian life, obedience and the power of God. Ultimately Paul encourages the believers to shine as lights to a lost world, while holding on to the word of life. There is a dimension to our passage, that points to the what, how and why of the Christian Life. Join us, as we study the words of Pastor Paul as he shepherds the church at Philippi.

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