God's View of Abortion and You

January 24, 2021

Speaker: Pastor Lukus Counterman Series: Sacred

Length: 55 mins 54 secs Plays: 197

Speaker: Lukus Counterman - God ordained the government to promote good and punish evil (Rom. 13:3-4). But the current realities of abortion in our country depict great failure on the part of the state. Our government is not protecting the innocents nor is it penalizing the guilty. Instead, it has abdicated its responsibility and millions of unborn babies are paying the price. If we believe the bible, then we must speak out against the injustice of abortion. If we believe the gospel, then we must compassionately introduce sinners to a God who forgives entirely, heals deeply, and restores completely. Our holy God hates abortion. But our loving God forgives sinners. May the Lord lead us in both grace and truth as we consider the sanctity of life this Sunday.

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