No Condemnation in Christ

December 29, 2019

Passage: Romans 8:1 Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp Series: Standalone Messages

Length: 36 mins 24 secs Plays: 285

Speaker: Jon Kopp - Our text boldly declares “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” And yet, far too many Christians have been carrying around condemnation from their sin for so long that they think it’s normal to go through life weighed down. “Would you like to be rid of that weight?” The theologian Martyn Lloyd Jones shows us how. “The first thing you have to do is to say farewell now once and forever to your past...Never look back at your sins again. Say: ‘It is finished, it is covered by the blood of Christ.’ That is your first step. Take that and finish with yourself and all this talk about your goodness, and look to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only then that true happiness and joy are possible for you. What you need is not to make resolutions to live a better life, to start fasting and sweating and praying. No! You just begin to say: ‘I rest my faith on Him alone, Who died for my transgressions to atone.’” May God help us to believe and live and hope in the glorious truth that “In Christ, there is no condemnation!”

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