Greed, Gratitude, & Generosity

March 27, 2022

Speaker: Pastor Josh MacAvoy Series: Proverbs

Length: 49 mins 4 secs Plays: 517

Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - Our study in Proverbs brings us to an age-old problem, but one that we may feel more acutely in our affluent society; this is the topic of greed, gratitude and generosity. As we look at the wealthy around us and their luxury lifestyles, it is easy to feel the pull to want more and to believe that we never have quite enough. While most of us are rich in comparison to the vast population of the globe, this doesn’t normally result in us being great philanthropic givers or more generous at heart. Rather, we feel the perpetual aching for more and more. It drives us in so many areas of life that we have to wonder, will we ever reach our goal and be able to stop the maddening cycle of wanting more? This problem is not just for our city in 2022. The Bible addresses this topic in both the Old and New Testament. Our question for tomorrow is, “What is God’s wisdom regarding greed, gratitude and generosity?”

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