Following Christ Will Cost You Everything

February 28, 2021

Passage: Luke 14:25-33 Speaker: Paul Campbell Series: The Parables of Jesus

Length: 42 mins 5 secs Plays: 205

Speaker: Paul Campbell - Why does Jesus warn us about being His disciple? It looks like Jesus is trying to talk people out of following Him. Why would He do this? Jesus wants to make sure that any potential follower takes the time to count the cost. And, the cost is high! Being a disciple of Jesus will cost you your family, your safety, and everything that you own. Are you ready for this? Are you really His disciple? If you are already a disciple of Jesus, what are you still hanging onto that has taken priority over your discipleship? Jesus is going to show us that following Him will cost you everything! This sounds appalling to the unbeliever. But to the follower of Jesus, this truth means life.

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