Do Not Commit Adultery - Commandment #7

August 17, 2014

Passage: Exodus 20:14 Speaker: Pastor Jonathan Albright Series: Ten Commandments

Length: 45 mins 54 secs Plays: 3417

Speaker: Jonathan Albright - The reality is, that we live in an adulterous generation. We’ve institutionalized and trivialized adultery through our entertainment culture. Although one might expect this kind of behavior from a world that does not embrace the biblical teaching of morality, this serious sin of adultery is still committed among many who claim to be children of God. When we talk about adultery we really are talking in a broader sense about sexuality. It is not as though the Bible is silent about sexuality. The Bible has much to say about sexuality and sexual sin. The church has been relatively silent about the Bible’s rich, full teaching on sex. In fact from the very beginning to virtually the end the Bible is a book that is full of sex both good and bad. It is full of instruction for the proper enjoyment of sex within the bonds of marriage. The Bible deals very straightforwardly with sexuality. It also deals very clearly with what is prescribed, and what is prohibited when it comes to sex. The seventh commandment, do not commit adultery, points us to several of those places in the Scripture where we are taught how God sees sexual sin and how crucial it is for us to deal with it. We are going to examine this commandment by asking four important questions.

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