The Prayer of Daniel and the Plan of God

March 29, 2020

Passage: Daniel 9:20-27 Speaker: Pastor Will Galkin Series: Exiles in Expectation

Length: 46 mins 6 secs Plays: 277

Speaker: Will Galkin - Gabriel, the angel of God, interrupted Daniel’s prayer of confession and plea for restoration, because he wanted to communicate to Daniel that God's plan was better than Daniel could comprehend. Yes, Daniel was looking in the right place, but he didn’t quite know what he was looking for. Daniel’s prayer of chapter 9 was rightly focused on the need for the restoration of Jerusalem and the temple. But, Gabriel communicates in verses 24-27 that God wants to do something even greater than the restoration of the temple. God wants to bring his people back into an eternal relationship with him. Daniel 9:24 unfolds the ultimate goal of God for His people. We will see in verses 25-27 that the process will not be easy and will include many trials ahead. God wants his people to know the endgame of verse 24: everything will be ok, but he also wants them to know there will be hardship along the way.

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