The Fear of Man

Fear of man extends to every facet of our lives, every level of interaction with other people. People we know, people we don’t know, people we don’t even really care to have a good opinion of us. Fear of man is not limited merely to how we act or what we say, it is also related to what we choose not to say or do. One counselor said, “Fear of man is such a part of our human fabric that we should check for pulse if someone denies it.” In this Gospel Growth class, we will be exploring what the fear of man looks like, what the fear of God looks like, what it would mean to live a life that fears God more than man, and finally understanding what it means to live a life that is controlled by a desire to love God and love neighbor. All of us have seen the fear of man in our lives, but what do we do to begin addressing it in a Gospel-centered fashion? This is what we intend to consider in the coming weeks.

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