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Gospel Growth Studies are for you. Whether young or old, stay-at-home mom or corporate executive, single or married, man or woman—studies are for your growth in the gospel. Studies give you a place to learn the Bible in a practial way and grow with others so you can become more like Jesus and are better equipped for the mission.

Current Gospel Growth Studies

How To Study the Bible

Teacher: Alex Morrison
Location: Auditorium “If all Scripture is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16), how are we to engage with the Bible? Some passages may seem too difficult to understand or are so familiar that we don’t expect to get anything from them. In this series we will learn about the inductive Bible study method and how it can be applied to your personal study. Each week we will walk through a different aspect of inductive study and gain valuable tools for interpreting God’s Word and getting the most out of the text.”

Global Christianity

Teacher: Daniel Mulder
Location: Basement Hall What continent has the most Christians? As of last year, researchers say it’s Africa. Surprised? Come find out more! Basement HallIn Global Christianity, we’ll look at the big picture of God’s work in each of the major regions of the world over the last two thousand years, zooming in on details and people that matter most to us here at Gospel Grace.


Teacher: Lukus Counterman
Location: Café In many of our marriages we are missing God at the center. Even as Christians, we sadly live in atheistic relationships - devoid of God and his Word. Sure we go to church, try to do personal bible reading, and attempt to be more faithful, but in reality at the heart of our marriages there is distance and darkness. Now, we can attempt to cover, hide, and pretend, but then all we are left with is the emptiness of a Godless relationship. So perhaps its time to embrace marriage God’s way! What does God say about communication, sex, conflict resolution, decision making, roles and much more in the context of marriage? In this 4-week class we will look at the fundamentals of the marriage and how active belief in God and his Word can help us enjoy Marriage God’s Way.

Christians in the Workplace

Teachers: Jon, Josh and Mark Kopp
Location: Loft How does work fit into a meaningful, God-honoring life? That may be an easy answer for some, but for others it can be difficult to find the connection between our jobs and our faith. Is our Christian duty simply to work hard, avoid sin, and witness to coworkers? Or, is there something deeper and more significant for us in our work? This nine week study will seek to answer those questions practically and theologically. From their time in the workplace and a biblical foundation, Mark and Josh Kopp join Pastor Jon Kopp for a nine-week study exploring God’s plan for Christians in the Workplace.

Kid's Gospel Growth Studies

Teachers: Various
Location: Basement Classrooms Our Kids Gospel Growth Studies are biblically based and God-centered. We have age-graded classes for children three years old through the sixth grade. Over a three-year period, our studies cover the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation.
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